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Create your own page in less than 5 mins.

Get a fully personalized url to share on another social medias and link in bio tools.

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Collect Tips As Coffees


Let your followers/clients support for your work by treating you to some coffees and gaining access to exclusive benefits in return.


Add External Links


Embed your social media links and drive traffic from one platform to another seamlessly.


Offer 1:1 Sessions


From showing available slots to collecting payments and sending reminders everything is frictionless.


Create Payment Pages


Create a self hosted page and sell training programs, event tickets to pretty much anything else.


Sell Digital Products


Simply host and sell your ebooks, cheatsheets, guides and much more with a single dashboard.

Built On Top Of WhatsApp

Our whatsapp integration lets you and your client receive instant notifications and reminders over Whatsapp.

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Reduce no shows with automated reminders!

Get calender invites and reminders for the session so you don't miss the session.

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Accept testimonials from attendees.

Build your brand value by showcasing the testimonials given by attendees.

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Track your performance with detailed analytics.

Take decisions on reports based on views, clicks & orders. Track source and country of your visitors and buyers.

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Accept payments globally with inbuilt payment gateway.

Inbuilt Razorpay And Stripe integration to help you accept payment globally.

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Receive Instant Payouts in your currency globally.

Receive your payouts globally with our trusted payment partners. No minimum thresholds.

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People Love Using Webscoop

Ekta Khurana

Instagram | 35k+

“The Customer Support level is the best I have ever seen and they are constantly adding new features.”

Jogal Raja

Youtube | 1.2M+

“Whatsapp Reminders are really helpful if you get multiple bookings on the same day and you are really busy with your schedule.”

Sarthak Goel

Youtube | 270k+

“Never thought I will be able to book more than 300+ consultations with my followers within just 2 months.”

Abhishek Singh

Instagram | 15k+

“I asked Webscoop team to launch phone sessions service. They literally launched it the next day!”

Sakshi Rajput

Instagram | 100k+

“Used to take bookings from Whatsapp and now I have shifted everything to Webscoop. Really Nice Service.”

Edvibes Academy

Instagram | 60K+

“Webscoop's payment pages helped us to enroll new students in our UI/UX coaching. It saved us so much time and resources.”


Coaching Business

“We have tried rigi, stan store and many more platforms. Webscoop is by far the best. Their customer support is impressive.”

Prashant Patel

Instagram | 50k+

“Clean user interface and excellent customer support. Abhey from customer support helped me a lot.”

Supporting people in 70+ Countries with 50+ Currencies.

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How can I earn from Webscoop?


You can earn by offering 1:1 Video/Phone Consultations, selling digital products, hosting webinars, offering courses to your clients.

How much can I charge for my sessions?


It depends on the value you provide to the attendees you can go anywhere from $10 to $500 or even more depending upon your experience and expertise.

How much commission does Webscoop takes on a paid order?


Webscoop charges 5% commission on every order excluding Stripe fees.

When will I get my money after a order?


Your payout cycle will depend on Stripe. It can anywhere between 2-7 days depening upon your country.

What if I don't want to charge for my sessions. Can I use it for free.


Yes, you can. We don't compel any user to pay us any subscription.

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